Best Deer Antler Spray On The Market This 2014

Deer Antler sprays are natural supplements meant for bodybuilding by strengthening the muscles, joints and bones in a quick and effective way. When taken appropriately, they result to making the body stronger and it gives one the feeling of appreciating the look of the body. With a variety of supplements to use, it is a matter of choice on what product to use.

Bio Antler

This renowned deer antler spray is rich in Insulin-like Growth Factor- 1 (IGF- 1). This spray gives solution to the bodybuilders, athletes and to any other with the need of increasing endurance with the intention of training more and harder. Since the product is sublingual in use, the results are worth and not disappointing compared to oral pills. The product is formulated to increase the strength levels and in a healthy manner. The product however should not be compared to a drug that will treat, diagnose or as a vaccine, since its main intention is to boost the functions of different systems of the body. The product is of high quality that many trust its performance and no doubt, that it has effect when used appropriately.

Antler X

This supplement outshines the rest since it contains the highest concentration of antler velvet. Antler velvet is a substance that grows on a male deer, which is believed to contain high levels of IGF- 1 that is meant to build muscles making them stronger.  The product is so popular for having been used by renowned players and it is very effective when used adequately and appropriately. This product is a bio product which when combined with various anabolic factors results to stimulating hormones to give the required results. The fact that it is in spray form makes it fast in reaction.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract IGF- 1

The supplement is derived from male deer antlers where they are carefully removed to make the product. The product also contains IGF-1, which is a growth hormone that stimulates to an increase of mass of the body. Taking supplements with IGF-1 has proved to improve the damage of cartilage and the building up of proteins that are best for the growth of cells. It is also capable of new cells secretion. Despite the boosting of various systems of the body, sportsmen use the supplement to recover from injuries and to improve the tone of muscles, joints and bones. It is also capable of raising the immune system when taken appropriately. This supplement is available in spray form and it is widely used due to its speed in operation. Using this supplement only leaves the body full of strength and vigor.

What is deer antler spray?

This is a supplement commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase body mass and stimulate strength. The product has a lemon scent and taste but it is sweet all together. Taking the supplement requires one to put the liquid under the tongue for at least three times a day. The spray is rich in IGF-1 a hormone that is rich in proteins that are capable of repairing damaged muscles. Those who have used the product can attest of its effectiveness, hence the high demand.

Chemicals behind the deer antler spray

The product is majorly from deer antler velvet, which is grinded to powder form. The velvet is so rich in a number of components and minerals that result to the effectiveness of the product.

  • Protein-   this component is high in content from the velvet powder. With this, amino acids are numerous whose functions are to activate all the cells and assists in the regeneration of new cells replacing the lost. Amino acids contain chemicals like biotin, thiamin and insulin.
  • Lipids- the component helps the body absorb vitamins A, D, E, K.
  • Calcium- this mineral is engages the product in playing many roles among them being, the regulation of the rhythm of the heart, blood clotting in case of injuries, maintaining bones and muscles and reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Magnesium- helps in the conversion of blood sugars to energy
  • Phosphorus- it is a generator of energy
  • Potassium- works closely with potassium to stabilize the heart rhythm and enhancing a healthy skin.
  • Collagen- makes the skin healthy
  • Glucosamines- rebuilds cartilage
  • Chondroitin Sulfate A- anti-inflammatory

Some minerals are found in traces but they still play a role in the spray, which are manganese, zinc, selenium, copper iron and cobalt.

How Deer Antler Spray works

The product is so easy to use and works effectively when used appropriately. With the sweet sour taste, users have easy time using it. The product works at improving hormones to fasten the ability of increasing strength and balancing the blood sugars to stimulate energy. Like other drugs, the supplement is taken in dosage where one is required to have it thrice a day by placing the required amount under the tongue by this the supplement is absorbed very fast where it starts reacting immediately. Since people are different, the use of supplements does not favor all. Great caution should be taken lest the product reacts negatively. Consultation on what is best for your body is of essence.

Deer Antler spray benefits

  • Effective: products in spray form react so fast compared to oral pills. This is because they get so fast in the bloodstream and do not require digestion.
  • The supplement works towards boosting hormones where there is a reduction.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders have their muscles, bones and joints gain additional strength.
  • The supplements are widely available
  • They are not difficult to use, all that is required is following the required instructions from the packaging boxes.
  • The products are pocket friendly hence affordable.
Should you use Deer Antler Spray?

This question should be individually based. Apparently, most states do not recommend the use of the product while some have even their state athletes and sportsmen use the supplements to build their muscles. The US Food and Drug Administration do not approve the product but that does not hinder users in need to have it. When a number of users confess having used the product and they end up detecting positive results, that is surely enough evidence that the product works. However, in case one has interest in the product, they should not only settle on having it and relax. The supplements require a better diet, taking of enough water and of course working out at the gym to activate the body. That way, the body will respond very fast.

Checking your health status is essential, people with serious conditions should never dare supplements. Those under medication should wait to finish the dose and have a break before taking these supplements if need be since mixing the two endangers the body.